Congratulations are in order! Beloved Australian fashion label Sportsgirl has launched their latest ‘Recycle It’ clothing collection.

The team at Sportsgirl have scoured the globe searching for unique re-worked and genuine vintage pieces, to bring to the Australian market. The collection is inspired by fashion trends from the 90s featuring cute Mickey Mouse vintage tees, college jumpers and denim pinafores. So not only are you get a gorgeous new outfit, but you are also taking part in sustainable fashion practises. Recycling the old instead of buying something new is an easy way we can all take part in to reduce the effects of textiles in landfills.

All garments have been ethically sourced and curated. The limited edition range is available now through the brand’s website and selected stores.

It’s a great step forward for not only Sportsgirl, but the Australian fashion market overall. We can only hope and encourage brands to follow suite, and release their own sustainable fashion ranges. In order to reduce our textile waste brands and consumers must work together.

What are some fashion labels you would love to see release their own re-worked and vintage clothing range?

Check out Sportsgirl’s ‘Recycle It’ collection here: http://www.sportsgirl.com.au/new-in/re-cycle-it?SID=#SID=&p=4&gan_data=true

Georgia Donaldson 


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