Today’s post is about a young Australian fashionista, leading the charge for sustainable fashion through the art of upcycling. The blog, ‘The Un-Material Girl’, is the brain child of Brisbane based fashion student, Leah Musch.

After seeing the movie ‘The Real Cost’ (watch the trailer here! on a trip to brazil, Leah was inspired to be more fashion conscious. The documentary is a look into the hidden side of the fashion industry and who really pays the cost of fashion. On her return to Australia, she cleared out 80% of her wardrobe and committed to either sourcing clothes from Op Shops and upcycling them, or completely making them from scratch. She began to share her journey on Instagram and has since amassed a strong following of almost 6,500 followers.

Her creative and sewing skills are amazing and inspirational! She’s able to turn Op Shop finds into beautiful, modern pieces.

Leah swears by the 333 concept. Where everyone has 33 items in their wardrobes that are on rotation for 3 months. Does this apply to you? As for her tips for shopping sensibly; ask yourself will you wear it more than 30 times?

Leah now features on the covers of magazines and speaks on panels at Revive Festival and The Ekka. Her current aspiration is to inspire others to take a look at their clothing consumption and have a go at fashion upcycling. So why not give it a go?

You can check out Leah’s blog here:

Georgia Donaldson


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