After a long, cold Winter, Spring has finally sprung! It’s time to put away those warm, knitted jumpers and bulky coats. It’s the perfect time to clean out your wardrobe and prepared yourself for flowy dresses, denim shorts, and cotton t-shirts. It’s important to clean out your wardrobe for many reasons. It removes unwanted items, so you can easily find the ones you love. You discover pieces you totally forgot you owned. And you can send the clothes you no longer wear off to have a new life.

So, here are some handy tips to make your wardrobe Spring Clean a success!

  1. Take everything out of your wardrobe – this is going to make sure nothing gets left behind. If the sight of your entire clothing collection on your bedroom floor is too daunting, do it in sections.
  2. Go through each piece individually, and ask yourself 3 questions:
    • Does it fit?
    • Have you worn it in the last 12 months?
    • Does it still fit with your style?
  3. Put back the clothes you want to keep neatly into your wardrobe. Organise clothes according to style and colour to make it easy to find that favourite piece whenever you want.
  4. With the clothes you no longer love, place them into piles according to what you want to do with them. For clothes not able to be worm again, place them in a bag to be dropped off at H&M to be recycled (See my previous post for more information). With the remaining pieces decide if you want to try to resell them yourself, give them to friends and family, or donate them to charity.

And ta da! Your wardrobe is organised, clean, and ready for the warmer months!

Georgia Donaldson 


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