I bet few of you knew last week was National Op Shop Week. Running from the 27th of August to the 2nd of September, the event recognises the amazing work done by charities such as The Salvation Army, The Red Cross, and Vinnies. The event was created by the Do Something Charity with the aim of boosting Op Shop donations and overall sales.

In support of the event, journalist Kumi Taguchi who appears on ABC News 24, wore a different Op Shop outfit for every day of the event. She had 5 complete outfits, each one costing under $50!

Shoppers were faced with incredible bargains! In order to clear out some of Anglicare’s Op Shop Winter stock, every piece of cold-weather clothing was sold at a decreasing sale price. $3 for the first 3 days, $2 for the next 2 days, and only $1 for the last day. Can’t get much cheaper than that!

Charity organisations can be a great way of getting rid of unwanted clothes. However, in order for the process to be successful and sustainable, items must be still in good condition. Stephen Kuo, the Anglicare head of retail, advised, “Just be sure to donate something you’d be happy to give to your friend”. For those items not suitable for donation, be sure to read my previous post on H&M’s initiative.

If you missed out on all the bargains this year, make sure to look out for the event in 2018!

Georgia Donaldson


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